Two boys in the best class I have this year (whose main stream is Humanities) are doing Latin. The school offers it as an “optional compulsory” subject. What it boils down to is that the students have to choose a mandatory subject they like within a list.

My Latin collegue has just been told that this will no longer be possible as from next year, not just for the future pupils but also for those two boys. The school is ready to pay for remote Latin but not for a teacher. When my collegue complained to the head, she was told that it was not fair to pay a teacher for such a small group. He explained he was in favor democratic spending which, in his words, means the same amount must be spent for each student in the school.

The fact that these two boys are star students whose final exam resuts will be an honor to the school is not taken into account. The fact that remote courses will just put students off Latin and that eventually no students will choose this subject does not seem to be an issue although it is part and parcel of France’s linguistic heritage.

What also annoys me here is that money is found for some students who get extra support in a number of subjects even though they are lazy and often don’t turn up as “It is unfair to have more lessons than others”.

Do you agree with the head’s idea of democracy? Do you believe I am an elitist? What should we do to support these two boys in their choice?


5 thoughts on “Equality?

  1. I don’t know. I can see both of your viewpoints. Still, I think when you only spend an equal amount on each student you place the honor students in a box and limit their abilities. If other students would rise to the same honor left they wouldn’t be cheated out of that class.

    It may be fair to pay equally for each student, but it is unfair to punish the honor students who have risen above the other students. It is after all, a class available to anyone and the other students’ choice not to take it.

  2. Equality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. We’re not all created equal. If there’s a budgetary problem with giving students an excellent opportunity, then there needs to be creative thinking as to how to create the budget.

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