I realized this morning that I have been blogging for two years, two years and three days to be precise. I started by reading blogs and ended up setting up my own at Livejournal. A few months later, being a bit disappointed with this application, I switched to WordPress where I have been since June 2007.

I began with one or two posts a week and now try to post, if not to write, every day. This blog has also become less confidential and I was delighted and proud when asked to hosts kcc (the kosher cokking festival) and Jpix (the Jewish photo carnival) by fellow bloggers.


11 thoughts on “Bloganniversary

  1. love this

    Oh and I had a question, Any comments a blogger does not want on their blog the blogger can get rid of right?

    Oh, I will have an answer to your last question to me in a furture post.


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