A Week in Review


It has been a strange week as far as blogging is concerned with a number of posts but little real writing.

I have passed on The Prémio Dardos Award as well as the Butterfly Award.

Memes I have taken part in:
Snowed-Down Nature for Today’s Flowers
Red Silk for Ruby Tuesday
Capital on Water for Watery Wednesday
Sepia Village for Sepia Scenes

I have also taught about the Inauguration.


One thought on “A Week in Review

  1. A beautiful spout. Love the architecture of the spout and the stream of water, too. And the tiling in the background looks neat, as well.

    I found when I am really busy, I can sometimes “throw up” some photo posts, but to write something, one needs time to collect one’s thoughts and put it together in writing. Sounds like you had a busy week elsewhere.

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