This Week Here and Elsewhere



On my blog:

My Students Review Books

Photo Memes I have taken part in:
Belated Red Signs for Ruby Tuesday
River Garden for Watery Wednesday
Budapest Zoo for Sepia Scenes
Sky Through Trees for Sky Watch Friday

A recipe for Spaghetti with Blue Pesto.

Famous Torah Story, a post about this week’s parshah.

A few links on the JBlogosphere and the Jweb:

More about this week’s Torah reading:
Two women, connected by the children they saved, Rabbi Jack Riemer connects past and present. Thanks Shimshonit for providing this link.
– Leora makes some insightful comments – on the transition from the first book of the Torah to the next.
Aaron’s Greatness: Thoughts on Parashat Shemot by Rabbi Marc D. Angel

Mom in Isreal advises parents looking for a school for their children.

Still fighting the battle over Israeli conversions: the head of Israel’s conversion programme tells us why he is defying its hardline opponents on The JC.


2 thoughts on “This Week Here and Elsewhere

  1. Thank you for including me in your weekly review!

    It must have been hard for Aaron to see his younger brother as the leader, although he did become the high priest. I’m amazed that he actually “rejoiced in his heart.” There was a study a while back that more second-born children are successful CEOs.

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