My Thoughts Go To Israel



Although Israeli authorities have repeatedly warned Hamas against sending rockets towards Israel or else they would retaliate, the terrorist organization has chosen to ignore this exhortation. Now Israel has struck back and the world is asking them to stop. Pity they didn’t ask Hamas to stop shelling Israel in the first place.

I don’t consider myself warmonger and yet I fail to understand – or maybe I understand too well – why Israel is asked, when not ordered, to tolerate a state of terror no other free and independent state would be ready to accept.

The inhabitants of Gaza who wished to dissociate themselves from Hamas have had ample time to move far from Hamas positions, Defense Minister Ehud Barak has ordered the Rafah crossing to Gaza partially opened to allow in medical supplies and basic humanitarian aid, nevertheless it is the Jewish state which is blamed and accused.

Therefore my thoughts go to Israel, to my friends, fellow bloggers and readers there, particulary Baila, Shimshonit, Batya, RivkA, A Living Nadneyda, Robin, Mrs S, Michael, Mimi, , RR, Trep and numerous others.

Talking about which, Treppenwitz has commented the latest events with his usual verve.


7 thoughts on “My Thoughts Go To Israel

  1. Nice post and beautiful photograph.

    I fail to understand – or maybe I understand too well
    Unfortunately, I think we all understand too well…

    Thanks for the link and the good thoughts.

  2. It is easy to be a pacifist if you live in Arizona. If you live in Sderot, it is suicidal. I was talking to my friend who lives in Ma’alot on Friday. She was saying the last time she was in Beit Shemesh was during the 2nd Lebanon War, when she said it was too hard to take care of little ones in a bomb shelter. The next day came this war, and her sons and my cousins must defend their tiny country.

    I read a blog post by an American in support of Israel, saying who in their right mind wouldn’t defend themselves if Mexico were bombing Texas.
    I thanked him for his support… I wish there were more blog posts like that one. The “blog for peace” stuff makes no sense to me. Empty words or worse, suicidal.

  3. As an Indian, faced with the increasing insanity of Pakistani irridentists, I can sympathize with Israel. What I have mentioned to my Arab friends (I am a Hindu, but am fortunate to have diverse friendships) is that if they adopt Gandhian methods to win Israel over, they can create a prosperous neighborhood.

    I agree that, in the short run, compassion toward Hamas is suicidal. Israel cannot appear kind, or it is seen to be weak, and its haters are emboldened.

    In the long run, however, Israel seeking to fight its way out of Muslim hatred is, perhaps, unsustainable. “An eye for an eye, and the whole world goes blind”.

    I wonder on my blog what Israel will do if the Arabs started to wage peace on it, a la Gandhi? My Arab friends say Israel will continue to bomb any progress they make (universities, public works) to rubble.

    Visit my blog at

    I refuse to believe that. I consider Israel to be a country with a bigger concience than any other modern state.

    Please tell me– if possible on my blog– if you think that Israel will stay committed to neutralizing Arab strength, or if I am right in anticipating that Israel will return peace for peace.

    Visit my blog at

  4. Thank you for your thoughts and concern. I know Israel will always have its critics in the world, but it is heartening to have good friends too.

    Not surprisingly, I have a few thoughts on my blog about the current situation, too.

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