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Over a month ago, I wrote a post about Facebook and wondered what information we should leave online for other people to see. Since then I have succombed to the spreading fever, updated my data and added a few friends.

Two days ago I discovered that you can also play on FB. I’ve tried and thoroughly enjoyed quite Geo Challenge, Who Has the Biggest Brain and Word Challenge. Be warned these games are great fun but also very addictive.

What’s your favorite game on Facebook?


7 thoughts on “Facebook Games

  1. My neighbor Alyssa is an expert at Who Has the Biggest Brain. She has scored very high. Unfortunately, she is often more focused on playing games than on her work!

    I’ve mostly played Word Twist and Scramble. Feel free to play me on either of those.

    Yesterday Alyssa and I played Scrabble for about 3 hours online. In the middle, I took a shower, read other posts, did some work, organized a menu and cropped some pics. It was a great game, but time-consuming.

  2. after they got rid of scrabulous, i made a personal commitment to avoid facebook games. then a friend invited me to play scramble and word twist and i’m hooked. am i friends with you on fbook? i’ll play a good game of word twist:-)

  3. I am terrible at those games, but play anyway. Big time wasters, but it’s good training for when we’ll be old and have nothing to do.

    I enjoy the status updates on facebook.

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