Reading Season



Three of my favorite bloggers, Leora, SuperRaizy and West Bank Mama, have written about books this week. Since I am a bookworm too, I thought I would also post about books.

While I am reading a book, I like to know what I’ll be reading next. I find it thrilling to anticipate something new and exciting. This time I am spoilt as I have three books on my bedside table.

Essential Essays on Judaism by Eliezer Berkovits.

The Family Markowitz by Allegra Goodman. A collection of short stories that are linked together.

Brodeck by Philippe Claudel. The book has not been translated into English yet but will be published in the United States in June 2009.

What are you planning to read?

11 thoughts on “Reading Season

  1. My question is when am I next planning to spend a luxurious hour at the library going through the shelves and seeing what appeals.

    As I said to Raizy, I’m reading Natan Sharanksy’s book right now. I just read a part where he claimed the “Useful Idiots” of the West kept the Soviet Union going longer than it should have.

    I’d like to read more of Allegra’s books.

  2. I like your choice of illustration 😉

    I’m focusing on midrash Tanna debei Eliyahu, with three perushim:
    (1) Mishnat Eliyahu (Benei Brak, just written, 3rd revised edition pub. 2008), with basic commentary (like Rashi on the Gemara – straight and to the point), and alternative textual/manuscript readings (“halufei girsaot”), and parallel sources for deeper investigation (“marei mekomot”) in the margins.
    (2) JPS translation – the translation itself is a commentary, not to mention its scholarly footnotes, (3) Yeshuot Yaakov/Tuvei Hayim (19th century Eastern European), largely homiletical expository commentary.

  3. it’s funny how many of us who blog also love to read. i’m reading Caspian Rain (can’t remember the author) and I just finished The German Bride. I like Allegra Goodman, but I haven’t read that one. I’ll add it too my ever-growing list:-)

    Off to enjoy a snow day! Shabbat Shalom.

  4. Thank you for linking to my post.
    I’ve never heard of Allegra Goodman, but I can see from the comments that she’s popular. I will see if I can find her book when I go to the library this afternoon.

  5. Well, it’s snowing like crazy here in NY now, so I won’t be going to the library today. It looks like Allegra Goodman is going to have to wait for me.
    Who is the man in that picture above?

  6. I moved on to Through the Narrow Gate, Karen Armstrong’s memoir about life in a convent. I also liked The Spiral Staircase, about her life after she leaves. Too bad she became an apologist for Islamic terror, at least according to some.

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