Hebrew Readers Needed



I have mentioned on several occasions that two classes in my High School are working on a Holocaust project.

One class is trying to follow the destinies of the adults and children who made up our local community before WW2 so as to find out what happened to them during the war.
They are working on the local synagogue archives as well as the Yad Vashem Website and more particularly their Central Database of Shoah Victims’ Names.

The problem is that the pages of testimony, often filled in by a relative, is in handwritten Hebrew. I have managed to decipher most of one sheet written in handwritten block capitals with an English translation for each item but very little of the other one which is completely handwritten and with no English at all. Therefore I’m looking for a few proficient Hebrew readers who would be ready to help my students.

I understand that people can be quite busy and their time is valuable so I don’t expect anyone to help with more than one page. Besides so far there are only two pages to read.

8 thoughts on “Hebrew Readers Needed

  1. Will you scan the pages and email them? I’d be glad to take a stab at one or more pages. Are the documents in modern Hebrew, or is the language actually Yiddish (which uses the Hebrew alphabet)? I should be able to handle the Hebrew, and while I’m by no means fluent in Yiddish, I can sometimes use my German and Hebrew to wade through it.

  2. Do you still need help? I can see about kids at our local day school or congregants who might help from here if you do. Not sure until after first of the year though. Let me know… hope you are well.

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