Online Studies



Here is a selection of links to explore the weekly parshah.

Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies
KMTT (KMTT is a daily Torah Podcast, from Yeshivat Har Etzion in Israel)

Weekly e-letters:
– YCT’s Parshat HaShavuah
– VBM’s introduction to Parasha
– Rabbi Shlomo Riskin’s Weekly Parsha List

Do you use online resources to study the weekly parshah; which ones?

5 thoughts on “Online Studies

  1. Leora: You suggested this link and I use it for writing posts with Hebrew too.
    Frumteacher: I subscribed to this resource last week; thanks to Leora (who is an expert at finding thigns on the web) but I also like to focus on one or two aspects and the shiurim do just that.

  2. Frumteacher, how interesting, that you also enjoy LearnRashi! I really value the questions. I tend to read them on Friday night, after I light the candles, if I don’t get interrupted by my kids.

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