Walking Old Streets



I am on vacation for a few days and have traveled to Hyères, a town in the southeast of France, in the Var département, located 15 km (10 m) east of Toulon.

Since this is a first visit, this morning was devoted to walking in the old town center which is situated on a hill. Although not sunny, the weather is still quite mild and the little shops display their goods in the streets.




7 thoughts on “Walking Old Streets

  1. Dina in Jerusalem just had a post of spices in the Arab shuk. Your post reminds me of that one. I can’t think of ever seeing anything like those open baskets here in the U.S. The closest might be the salad bars at the supermarkets!

  2. Leora: Apparently people are not too worried about the food getting dirty or unhealthy.
    Frumhouse: I guess it is more noisy and busy in the summer.
    Paz: We intend to do more walking today, in Marseille this time. Weather permitting…
    MiI: We went back to school on September, 1st. In France we work for 7-8 weeks and get a break. Don’t forget that these kids didn’t get all the Tishrei holidays that you had.

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