News from the JBlogosphere


Before the start of Rosh Hashah (the Jewish New Year), Leora wrote a beautiful post about Emotions and Holidays. There she dealt with the “requirement to be joyful” for people who face difficulties during this festive period and provided links to other blogs.

This week’s parshah, Parashat Vayelech, contains a difficult passage about God’s hiding his face from the people of Israel:

וְאָנֹכִי, הַסְתֵּר אַסְתִּיר פָּנַי בַּיּוֹם הַהוּא

and I will certainly conceal my face on that day
On YCTorah you will find a nice drashah Avi Weiss has written about the weekly portion where he ponders about the Ups and Downs of Life. I found that it nicely completes Leora’s interrogations.

Jew wishes mentions an article she has read about Japan and Judaism. Although I am not convinced by the article, it has interesting insights and it reminded me that during a trip in Asia last year I certainly found similarities between Judaism and some Asian outlooks on life; I may write a post about this later.

Jew in the suburbs mentions that she is a member of a Tehilim group and offers to say Tehilim next Sunday on your behalf or the behalf of someone you know.

Mimi at Israeli kitchen has a lovely post about an open-air market at Petach Tikvah, complete with great photos.

A Simple Jew has good news about his young son. When you visit, don’t forget to look at the beautiful paintings featured on the blog.

In the Pink has just set up a new Jewish carnival: My Yiddishe Mama, a carnival written for and by Jewish Mothers, on every topic applicable.

On a more political and thus maybe more controversial level, Cynthia explains why, when she ran a tv news show, she didn’t like her staff to call people “Joe Six Pack” and why she still doesn’t like it now. I found it a good reminder of how we are expected to guard our tongues and that a simple expression can be very derogatory.

I realize that I have mentioned 7 blogs in my post so I think this will be my unconventional response to the two “I Love your Blog” Awards that I recently got.