Bad News for the Jews

Anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim and fascists slogans and graffiti were sprayed on the walls of a French junior high school last week. It is probably no coincidence that the school is named after René Cassin, the man who drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Judging from the slogans, which included references to White Power, the culprits must be extreme-right activists.

– Three young Jewish boys were attacked and beaten up by a group of ten teenagers yesterday evening on their way to shul. This happened in the same district as the June attack. The youngsters said their aggressors attacked them because they had “the traditional Jewish profile” and wore kippot.
I’ll provide update when I have more information.

– The theological commission of the World Evangelical Alliance has reiterated its commitment to proselytize European Jews. One may wonder what the WEA was thinking when they decided to issue their call from Berlin.

Nota Bene: The link provided for the last news is to a Jewish site, no need to boost the WEA’s readership.

3 thoughts on “Bad News for the Jews

  1. I’m so sorry you have to write up all this bad news.

    “the traditional Jewish profile” and wore kippot Years ago, men wore hats or caps in America. My husband wears a black kippah everywhere, even to work, so it is seen, but not obvious. He reported that a young Orthodox man in his twenties is now working at his company, and the young man wears a white kippah sruga (crocheted). “Kol hakavod”, says my husband.

    We American Jews forget that anti-semitism can be so intense and continues to thrive.

  2. Of course there is. But in our area it is very subtle. I remember once some teens throwing a penny at us and saying, “here Jews, pick this up,” but mostly I get people who want to learn about Judaism or are generally respectful, even if they may challenge some things. It really depends on where you live in the U.S., how much anti-semitism is apparent. I read about reports of anti-semitism elsewhere, but I don’t experience it in my own life.

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