First Students



I’ve met my first class. Twenty-four 16-year olds whose main stream is Humanities (see my French High School System post for more information). I am their homeroom teacher.

A few facts about them:
– There are 20 girls and only 4 boys.
– They all study English as their first foreign language, except one who does German.
– The second foreign languages they do are Spanish (the majority), German and Russian (one girl).
– Almost all of them have added otional subjects to the manadatory subjects. Some even do two. They chose: Russian, Spanish, Sports, Latin, Greek and Art (one student).
– At least half of them quoted reading as a hobby.
– There are some musicians in this class; some kids play the piano and one is a violinist.

Stranger facts:
– Some have unusual hobbies for kids that age: gardening, philosophy, looking after a ferret, wolf protection.
– One girl’s only interests are going out and shopping.
– One girl comes from an exclusive all-girls school while one is from Colombia (the country).
– Two girls are brought up by single dads and did not mention a mother. Someting I’ll have to inquire into as homeroom teacher and also so as not to make a blunder.

I’ll be teaching them 3.5 hours a week. The first lesson is on Thursday. After a short presentation of the course and a few questions about what they did in English last year, we’ll start with a short extract from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

6 thoughts on “First Students

  1. This would have been a nice entry for Ruby Tuesday also. Nice how you already know a lot about your new students and have a high interest in them as individuals, and yes, it sounds promising. Humanities and mostly girls : sounds classic and logical, men and women are very different after all. I’ll read about Humanities now, to check if it is what I think it is 🙂

  2. I read this and imagine myself actually having choices in high school. We had none, zero, zip. Except in our senior year we were allowed to drop French, so we all did, so we could have one free period. College was easy compared to Jewish day school.

    So I would pick Russian and art. Maybe German.
    The girl who only likes shopping would be a large number of the girls around here, with (unfortunately) a smaller number interested in reading. Sounds like a fairly educated group (also judging by the musicians).

  3. Chavi: It is usual to have far more girls than boys for Humanities.
    Hildegarde: It would be a great RT, except I didn’t take the photo. Freefoto is a free website for… photos. I obviously can’t post a photo of my students.
    Leora: A wide range of subjects is one thing we strive to keep in high school. People are different and need to have different choices, or so I think, but unfortunately it is one thing that is regularly threatened by budget cuts.
    Raizy: Yes, I was surprised myself by their tastes and interests.
    MIL: Thanks for your good wishes. I know so much so far as it is a habit here to ask them to fill in a form at the beginning of the year. I like to know about their interests to know more about the person behind the student.

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