Public Apology



In June 2007 I came across a post that caught my attention on Mom in Israel‘s blog. She had been to a baseball game and met Jacob Levy who at the time played for the Tel Aviv Lightning.

In case you haven’t read the post, this is how it ended:
If you are interested in meeting Jacob (I was going to say “playing ball with Jacob” but I didn’t know how that would go over with my readers, or with Jacob, for that matter), email me and I will pass on any messages to him.

The teacher in me immediately emailed MIL who soon answered back giving me his email. The plan was that my students could interview Jacob, and other sportsmen, about their career and what it means to live in a foreign country.

I emailed Jacob and he also answered back pretty quickly, saying how happy he would be to take part in the project. At the end of 2007, four juniors interviewed him via email and then wrote an article about him. Four other groups interviewed different people. It turned out to be an exciting project and the students (3 boys and a girl) were very happy to interview a professional baseball player.

I now realize that, although I thanked the interviewees at the time, I still have not thanked the person whose blog post provided the idea for this successful project and who made it possible by providing Jacob’s email.

MII it is high time for me to say “thank you” and apologize for doing it only now.

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