Seven Blogs I Read

I am back online after three days with no Internet access.

Swedish Chekchouka nominated and challenged me to share my 7 favorite blogs, I’m not allowed to put hers because she put mine on her list. It was a bit difficult to select only seven as I regularly read more than that. My apologies to the bloggers whose blogs I enjoy but whom I did not select. I think it was Sartre who said “Choosing is renouncing”. Here is my final choice:

Leora’s. A potpourri of ideas about Highland Park; books; Jewish topics; art, health, parsha, web design, kids, food, gardening and …
Frumteacher’s. Insights into History teaching from a Dutch frum teacher.
Cynthia’s. A mixture of posts about Jewish life, American politics, mothering, BlogHer …
Imabima’s. Real-life Jewish parenting…from the laptop of a rabbi-mom of 3 kids on the NorthShore of Chicago…
SuperRaizy’s. A Brooklyn super mom’s blog.
Treppenwitz’s. For his great and enlightening stories.
TherapyDoc’s. An intelligible resource on mental health and relationships, with a healthy dose of self.

Whether you’ve been nominated or not, feel free to share your favorite blogs too.

12 thoughts on “Seven Blogs I Read

  1. First, love the little photo. Looks like a flowered lambs ear? I had one that flowered, then it began to act like a weed, taking over the other plants, so I yanked it.

    So, what am I supposed to do with this nomination? Ruminate, I guess. I was pleased to see Swedish Chekouka nominated I’ll Call Baila, who is one of my favorite bloggers. Am I allowed to nominate one of yours? I guess I should probably pick 7 totally new ones. Sigh. Maybe I’ll wait a week and then do this.

  2. Leora: There were no rules on Swedish Chekchouka’s post so do as you please.
    Batya: I knew there would be disappointment…

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  4. Ilana-Davita, I never said thank you. I think I was a little stunned. At any rate, I put up a post about blogs just now. It’s a wee bit more than seven, but there are only eight that are *featured*, the others are just mentioned as an aside. So thank you and thank you again.

  5. Leora: I’ve just read your post. Don’t worry about not saying thank you straight away.
    I’m not sure about the flowers above as the photo was taken last week in our friends’ garden.

  6. thanks!:-) this is hard – i’m not sure i could pick 7. i’m going to work on this one….might be a good post for sunday. it’s been so nice outside i haven’t been blogging as much as usual!

  7. Phyllis: I agree picking out 7 blogs is a tough and frustrating job, bound to ruffle a few feathers in the process.

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