My Favourite Cookbooks

images.jpegI enjoy cooking and love looking for new recipes. However on a daily basis I rely on cookbooks for ideas, ingredients and measurements. Here are the ones I often use:

The Book of Jewish Food by Claudia Roden
This is a really nice book. It has a lot of tasty recipes as well as numerous historical and anecdotal information. Since the majority of recipes come from the Sephardi world, Rosen’s family is from Egypt, many of them include vegetables. I also enjoy the variations she suggests. Thus, if you want to cook “stuffed tomatoes”, she’ll give you a basic recipe and then provide the Turkish and/or Tunisisan versions. In addition the ingredients are easy to find and healthy (no ready-made mix here).

Healthy Helpings by Norene Gilletz
I guess a number of peope know this one. Norene is a food consultant, food writer and columnist, cooking teacher and lecturer. Her emphasis is on healthy food, so little sugar and fat. Similarly she favors “brown”(flour, rice …) over “white” whenever it is possible. The book is packed with recipes (800 of them) and, like Claudia Roden, she provides alternatives for almost each one.

The Jewish Kitchen by Clarissa Hyman
This cookbook is not quite as comprehensive as the others yet the recipes I have tried are good. For instance she suggests a wondeful avocado and egg bagel schmear, a delightfl spicy Lybian fish and a refreshing borscht. The photos are great and mouthwatering.

What about you? What are your favorite cookbooks?

9 thoughts on “My Favourite Cookbooks

  1. Adventures in Jewish Cooking by Jeff Nathan
    Moosewood Cookbooks, both those by Mollie Katzen and those by the restaurant
    Silver Palate
    Fistful of Lentils by Jennifer Felicia Abadi
    Rochester Hadassah Cookbook
    Vegetarian Epicure

    I should see if our local library has the Claudia Roden cookbook.
    Jeff Nathan can teach you how to make challah, brisket or an elegant salad.
    Everything in the Silver Palette is delicious.
    Rochester Hadassah Cookbook (can one even get it anymore?) is great for Pesach recipes.

  2. I usually find new recipes in woman’s magazines and ideas for new dishes in restaurant reviews. Of course, a lot of those dishes aren’t kosher, but some can be modified as needed. I also like to get ideas from my sister, who’s a really good cook.

  3. Swedish Chekchouka: I’ve tried the “Moroccan Mushrooms”; they’re great. You give me an idea for Friday night.
    Raizy: I do that too, especially when I am at the hairdresser’s.
    Therapydoc: Thanks for the idea. I don’t think I had ever heard of that one.

  4. i like the moosewood cookbooks. i have a whole shelf of them:-) i also take cookbooks out of the library and then copy just the one or two recipes i think i want out of them. if i find that i want them ALL then i buy the book!

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