End of Year Syndrom

rosebush.jpgIt is the end of the school year here. Two more weeks of school followed by three weeks of exams and we’ll be on holiday. Even though the end is near, it is a trying period.

The objects around me tell me the year is nearly over:

– My bag is broken (see previous post).

– My red felt tip pen has run out.

The students tell me the same, although not in so many words:

– They skip more and more lessons.

– They come back after several days of absence with no excuses and don’t see why I can’t be more understanding.

– If they are present, they consider they have reached “almost-hero” status and expect me not to make them work.

Even my body cries “enough”:

– My sleep has become erratic. Some nights I can’t sleep, others I oversleep.

– My stomach is unpredictable and demands junk food like pizzas and ice-creams (Häagen-Dazs to be precise) despite years of good habits.

– I crave for coffee and can’t resist temptation.

The list could go on and on. Meanwhile I guess I should just get ready for Shabbat and enjoy the 25 hours ahead.