Any Ideas?

eliette.jpgOne of my closest friends wil be 37 next week and, as I’ll be staying with them for Shabbat next weekend, I’ll be there to celebrate her birthday.

Joëlle lives in Paris, teaches Classics and French, is married and the proud mother of two great girls. We met two years ago during a six-day seminar on the teaching of the Holocaust in junior and high schools. There were about 60 other teachers but we ended up sharing a lot of time together since, along with five other people, we ate lunch in the same kosher restaurant in the Jewish quarter of Paris (for some obscure reason the rest of the group ate in a different restaurant).

Now I need an idea for a present. There are always books, but even in that area I lack ideas. Can you help?


6 thoughts on “Any Ideas?

  1. Why is the first thing that comes to mind a Webkinz? Do they have those in France? My daughter is addicted, and so are too many of her friends.

    I guess it partly depends on what the girls like. I bought an active little girl a baton recently, and I think she enjoyed twirling it. My own daughter likes Barbies and other dolls.

    Go into a nice toy shop and find something that you might enjoy. Have fun; pretend your a kid again!

  2. Jewish cookbooks are always great. Since you two met on a Holocaust seminar, you might also want to give a book on the Holocaust or on teaching the Holocaust. As a ‘girls’ present I also like giving a nice scarf.

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