Any Ideas?

eliette.jpgOne of my closest friends wil be 37 next week and, as I’ll be staying with them for Shabbat next weekend, I’ll be there to celebrate her birthday.

Joëlle lives in Paris, teaches Classics and French, is married and the proud mother of two great girls. We met two years ago during a six-day seminar on the teaching of the Holocaust in junior and high schools. There were about 60 other teachers but we ended up sharing a lot of time together since, along with five other people, we ate lunch in the same kosher restaurant in the Jewish quarter of Paris (for some obscure reason the rest of the group ate in a different restaurant).

Now I need an idea for a present. There are always books, but even in that area I lack ideas. Can you help?


News from the Blogosphere (and my Garden)

buddingroses.jpgAfter hearing the news about Senator Ted Kennedy’s brain tumor, Cynthia writes a moving tribute.

Frumteacher ponders on what it means to let go a generation of students you have taught.

Imabima and Leora both deal with gardening. Imabima tells us about her first experience as a gardener while Leora gives tips for planting herbs within 10 minutes, complete with photos. You can also find Leora’s latest painting here. In today’s post, Imabima suggests 13 ways to celebrate Lag BaOmer since it starts tonight.


While looking for a recipe for hummus, I found an entire blog devoted to the stuff.

Read healthy tips and find a recipe for a green smoothie at The Jew and the Carrot.