I Nearly Forgot

images-1.jpegLast night as I was going through my mental “must-do” before Pesach list, after reading similar lists on the Internet (for one of the best see Mom in Israel’s), I thought that at least I would not have to bother with my car since I never eat there, apart from the occasional apple.

I was feeling quite smug about it, marveling at my self-discipline and feeling elated that I did not have to hoover the car. Never a very pleasant task, and even less so with a sore back. Yes, somehow I managed to pull a muscle on Sunday evening and have been in pain since.

When suddenly I remembered: baguettes. Fresh French bread is wonderful (and kosher) when bought at the local bakery but it is sold without any packaging, except for the occasional paper bag which is half the size of the bread anyway. It dawned on me that the passenger seat must be covered with hametz and that while I was at it I might as well hoover the whole place. So I’ve just plugged in the battery of the hand-held vacuum cleaner. I expect it will be less painful that the big one; I can only hope that it will be powerful enough to rid the car of its hametz. I suppose it serves me right for feeling too complacent ….