Satellite.jpegThe rash kiling of 8 young yeshiva students in Jerusalem three days ago has left me speechless as I try to come to terms with the numerous feelings (some quite upsetting) that beset me.

It worries me that a lot of people an equate this murder with the IDF’s retaliation in Gaza, eventhough I think it was a disaster for more than one reason. Namely it should not have been announced three days before it took place, it seems the army had too little reliable information to be efficient and I fear it won’t change anything on the Palestinian side.

Mostly Golda Meir’s words keep coming back: “The Arabs will stop fighting us when they love their children more than they hate Jews.” I only hope we won’t be contaminated by this hatred.

Two of my favourite bloggers having written about the killing much more cleverly than I could have done, I wanted to share their feelings with you. One was written by Treppenwitz, an Israeli who made aliyah a few years back and the other one by Frumteacher, a teacher from The Netherlands.

P.S. I’ve just come across another insightful post about the attack on Merkaz HaRav Yeshivah.

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