End of the Holiday

germany.jpgTomorrow our fortnight’s break will be over. I have spent two relaxing weeks reading, walking and trying to forget the school daily routine. For once I have managed to avoid having tons of marking, which for me is a feat. I must confess that being away helped a great deal. It is so much easier to unwind when you are not at home.

The next few weeks are going to be very busy, not to say hectic, however. A civil wedding in Paris on wednesday, mock exams for our last year students in about ten days (which means a lot of papers to mark), the religious wedding of the same people in Antwerp in less than three weeks and finally the Swedish exchange students arriving with their teachers the day after the wedding.

This kind of schedule generally makes me anxious in advance. I always wonder whether I’ll cope with the routine as well as with all the extra stuff, whether I’ll get enough sleep, whether I’ll keep my cool at home and with the students. The list could go on and on. Most of all I hope I’ll find the time for my favourite activities; those that keep me sane, namely reading, cooking, learning and blogging.