Weary of Antisemitism

About 18 months ago, on the eve of Tisha B’Av, our small synagogue was defaced after it was robbed of most of the few valuable objects it contained.

Last week in the town of Amiens, only an hour’s drive from home, three policemen entered an Irish pub and ordered drinks at the counter. They then started making nazi salutes, shouted “Sieg Heil” and “Heil Hitler before yelling “death to Jews” and “the crematorium ovens must be reopened”. The bar owner filed a writ against the men for threatening him with reprisals if he revealed what they had done.

Only a few minutes ago, as I was searching the net so as to get the facts right, I came across an antisemitic blog which had also reported the incident. The blogger was just regretting that honest white folks had been put in prison (which isn’t true, they have only been suspended from the police) because we (Jews) collide with other semites to put white Caucasians behind bars (!!).

Sometimes all this is just too much. I’m fed up with reading that I am worse than nazis, that I am sickeningly rich, that I am part of a conspiracy to dominate the world, that I am a communist pig, that the Talmud contains hidden secrets, that I kill children in Gaza, and, worst of all, that the Shoah was just an hoax so that we could have a country.