Newly Discovered Blogs & a New Post

Discovering new blogs is sometimes as exciting as discovering new books or places. Here are a few blogs I have come across recently:

Frumteacher, a blog managed by a young History teacher. It deals mainly with teaching but not only.

JoyousJudaism. Ian Pear, a Rabbi, Lawyer and aspiring author who lives in Jerusalem with his wife Rachel and three children, aims at showing that “positive Judaism can inspire”. Spend a little while on this blog, it just does that.

Ima Shalom, this blog is managed by a group of women. It is both inspiring and funny.

JewsByChoice. Most of its contributors are observant Reform Jews, no longer a contradiction in terms. This is how they describe their blog: JewsByChoice “is a Trans-Denominational grassroots, peer run, group blog focused on providing Jews by Choice (as well as other interested parties) with opportunities for exploring, discussing and engaging with Jewish Identity, Tradition and Culture.” It is a thought-provoking blog suitable for people wondering about conversion as well as for Jews from all walks of life and levels of observance.

Last but not least, a stimulating post about JOFA, the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, and Cynthia Samuels’s reaction to girls’/women’s education in the Modern Orthodox world.